8 Things To Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

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There are so many wedding venues available, some may say it is easy to choose one. We know that’s not always the case. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a wedding venue and you want to make sure that you make the right decision. Just like viewing a new property, it is very easy to get over excited and fall in love with a venue without checking if it meets all your requirements.  We are here to try and help you make this process slightly easier by providing you with some things to consider. Hopefully, this will help narrow down your options!


Here are 8 things to consider when looking at wedding venues:

1. Does the capacity suit your needs?

When deciding on a wedding venue, one of the first decisions you will make as a newly engaged couple is what type of wedding you want. Whether that is a large capacity wedding or a smaller, more intimate wedding. The size of the venue is incredibly important. It will impact the enjoyment of your guests and your budget. It is fairly obvious to say you can’t cram 300 people into a space that is designed to accommodate 150. If the venue is too small, your guests and the room will feel overcrowded and stuffy. The reverse is just as problematic. Choosing a space that is too big can also be a big mistake. There is a chance you will spend a fortune trying to make it full to prevent guests feeling lost and cold. 

It is always hard to imagine how a venue looks when it is full with tables and chairs. This is why asking to see the venue when it is set up for a wedding is always a great idea. If not, ask for photographs! 

Another tip is asking to see a seating plan of the room at capacity.

2. Is the location right?

There are many things to think about when looking at the location of a venue. What is the accessibility of the venue? Is it easily accessible? Will out-of-town guests be able to follow directions to the venue? It is important to think of your guests when assessing the venue’s location, their experience and comfort is important. Research the venue and its surrounding area to ensure that there are hotels nearby or on site. If it is far from train stations or airports, this can cause issues for your guests. Also, try to avoid booking a reception venue that is too far from the wedding venue!

3. Does it fit with your theme?

When looking at venues, you should think about if it suits and even enhances your ideal wedding aesthetic. Choosing a space that “meshes with your vision” is always a priority. It ultimately comes down to your own personal preferences. Do you want a glamorous wedding? A venue like a country house or a stunning mansion might be perfect for you! Maybe you gravitate towards a classic style and want an indoor venue such as a hotel, ballroom or country club.

4. Does it meet your non-negotiables?

It is likely that you will have an idea of how you want your day to go and it is important that the venue is able to accommodate this. Make sure you sit down with the venue and discuss any non-negotiables you and your partner may have.
For example:

  • Catering- is the venue able to provide the cuisine you would like?
  • Budget- can the venue provide everything you need within your budget? (including VAT!)
  • Live music- if you want a live band, does the venue permit this?
  • Alcohol- can you bring your own alcohol? Do they have a permit to serve alcohol?
  • Suppliers- can you use your own photographer or cake baker or do you need to use their suppliers?

5. How will the day flow?

Make sure you have an understanding of how a typical wedding day will run at the venue. This is very important during the day, you don’t want your guests to become bored because of any delays or long pauses. Some things to think about:

  • Is the ceremony and reception in the same room? If it is, how long does the turnaround take, where will the guests be and what are they going to do? This also applies to the time between the meal and the evening.
  • Does the venue provide a master of ceremonies/manager? This will take the stress off you and will ensure that guests are always where they need to be.

6. What are the timings? 

The experience of your guests should always be at the forefront of your mind. It can be very difficult to gauge or predict how long each element in a wedding can take and planning these timings is always a big decision. An experienced wedding venue should be able to help advise you on timings such as the length of the day. If the day is too long, the atmosphere can dwindle towards the end and you want your special day to end on a high! Timings are also important to think of if you have guests travelling from afar, they will need time to get ready, arrive but then also not worry about missing the last train home!

7. Are there great spots for photos?

A camera is more than likely going to be a very important guest at your wedding, so it is important to think about what can affect them. Lighting is very important, so make sure there is somewhere inside the venue that is well lit or space outside to take them. Have a look at what the surrounding area of the venue and the view is like. Outdoor space is also a massive plus for your guests. Providing room for guests to stretch their legs and room to let children burn some energy is always important.

8. Is there a back up plan?

It is fair to say the weather is more than unpredictable in England and if you are planning an outdoor wedding you need to be prepared. Ensure you ask if the wedding venue has a back up plan in the case of bad weather. While most venues will have other rooms you can use in this case, some places may require you to organise some sort of back up plan yourself.

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