WEDDING DRESSES Shopping: things to avoid

The process of finding your dream wedding dress can often be overwhelming for newly engaged brides. The pressure of finding one can cause indecision and can sometimes force you to settle. When it comes to your wedding dress appointment at your favourite boutique it is important to keep in mind to trust your gut instincts and to be open and honest with your consultant. With this in mind, there are a few things you should try your best to avoid. Hopefully, then it will be easier for you to find your dream wedding dress.

Changing Your Body

Everyone wants to look their best for their special day, but too many brides make the mistake of putting too much pressure on themselves to change their body before the wedding. Brides should always shop early for their wedding dress and it can always be altered according to your body during fittings. Don’t hope that your body will conform to a specific dress style, you should find a dress style that suits and highlights your current figure. Also, do not order a dress that is a size smaller! Your dress should conform to you, not the other way round.

Image of a bride trying on a wedding dress

Judging Dresses on the Hanger

It is only natural for you to judge by what it looks like on the hanger and think that it won’t look good on you or doesn’t suit your style. Having said that, your consultant will have years of experience in helping many brides find the perfect dress for them. They know how each dress looks on the body. Trust their judgement when they suggest a dress that you wouldn’t have necessarily chosen yourself. They will help find the best dress for you.


Every bride’s first wedding dress appointment will be exciting and quite possibly, emotional. There is always a chance that you will find your dream dress in one appointment but more often than not, it will take a few visits, online browsing and even customer orders for you to find the perfect dress. While the whole process is very exciting, it is very important that you allow yourself time. Set yourself up for success by taking it slowly! If you start looking in advance, there is no rush so you are able to take your time and really find a dress you love. 

Not Being Ready

If you are wanting to book an appointment at a bridal boutique, you should be at the point where you are ready to commit to a dress and order it. If you aren’t at this point, there isn’t much point making an appointment. If you are in the ideas stage of wedding dress shopping, we suggest wedding shows, fayres, magazines and social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to get inspiration. We dress stock change so frequently that if you visit boutiques without being able to commit, it won’t be a true reflection of the type of dress you want when it comes to making a decision.

Being Overwhelmed By the Options

When searching for inspiration, social media platforms will show you an endless amount of options and this can overwhelm some brides. As useful as social media is, don’t get wrapped up on the perfect dress you see on a model. All bodies are different, focus on what specifically makes your body it’s best when selecting a dress. We aren’t saying dont use social media for inspiration, just remember that social media is deceiving and keep in mind when you try dresses on, it may look different.

Sample Sizes Putting You Off

It is really important that you see past the sample size. It is next to impossible for boutiques to have every single dress in every size. Just remember that not every dress will fit your shape and size, but your boutique will be able to help with this! If you are in doubt, give them a call before you make an appointment. Regardless of how the dress actually fits on the first time of asking, you will get a great natural feeling about it if it is the right one for you.

Forgetting Time for Alterations

To make the dress perfect for you and your shape, it will more than likely need alterations. Sometimes this may take weeks or even months, depending on what is required. It is important that you allow enough time between your appointments and your big day to allow time for any alterations to be done.

Not Wearing Your Wedding Shoes

Arguably the least known mistake when wedding dress shopping! It is important that you rake the shoes, or something similar, that you will be wearing on the big day. This is so that you will be able to see how they will align with your dress. Heel height and shoe type can change your posture, which can affect the way the dress fits. If you don’t wear them, it can create more work for the fitter and cost you an extra fitting!

Unrealistic Budgets

Visiting a boutique without a budget can cause brides to be overwhelmed by other people’s suggestions and opinions. But it can also mean you may fall in love with a dress that is nowhere near within your budget! Having a clear budget in mind can keep you focused and can help you find retails, boutiques and designers that are actually within your price range. If you visit a store, you can then politely ask to only be shown the dresses within your budget.

Ellia Bridal

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